• Yerachmiel. Off the Derech. Jerusalem: Yerachmiel Ziegler, CD 2019. Trombone, horn section arrangements.

  • Peter Stoll and The Tribe. Bass guitar.

  • The Groggers. There’s No "I" in Cherem. New York: The Groggers, CD 2011. Bass, trombone, voice.

  • Rebbee Hill. Daniel: Part I. New York: Rebbee Hill, CD 2010. Voice actor.

  • Pey Dalid. Open Eyes. New York: Pey Dalid, CD 2009. Guitar, vocals, composition, arranging.

  • Tizmoret. Sounds In My Head. New York: Tizmoret, CD 2009. Bass voice.

  • Ithaca College Klezmorim. Music for Hawaiian Gardens. Ithaca: Active Listening, CD 2005. Guitar.

  • Los Mariscos. Are You Ready to Get Deep Fried. Ithaca: Homework Blues, CD 2001. Guitar, vocals, organ, composition, production.


  • Megillas Lester: "Gimpel" (Schoolboy) and assorted other voices, released to DVD, Spring 2014

  • Moshel Theater: "King" (Court Jester), Fall 2009

  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent, "Siren Call" episode (sidelining as a teenage guitar player), Fall 2006

  • Law & Order: SVU, "Unorthodox" and "Rock Star" episodes and (Extra: Chasidic Jew)

  • Holy Rollers independent film (Extra: Chasidic Jew)